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Fast and smooth service! They go above and beyond to make sure you love your car when it's returned to you. They do all the paperwork and contacting within 48hrs... Even sometimes same day... love them.

-rto adediran
3 weeks ago
Here's what I learned - the State of Rhode Island allows you to pick the collision center YOU want to use even though my insurance wanted me to go to there "approved" body shop - why ? ...because my initial quote from them was HALF of what was needed to fix my car.
The underlying "stuff" that needed to be fixed was beyond just cosmetic.
Mr Rocha and his team preformed so well. I'm delighted with my car - I'm the second owner and honestly it looks brand new ! I don't wish an accident on anyone yet if you are hit - this is the place to go..
Oh ya - I couldn't pick up my car until the day after it was ready. THEY WASHED IT AND DETAILED IT AGAIN.
I strongly recommend this collision center. Listen to everything Mr Rocha tells you.. His whole team was great and he was very sincere when he thanked me for my business. You could tell he meant it.

My car looks awesome. You'd have no idea I was rear ended. I'm really happy with the work they did.

I was in a 3 car pile up and my car (which is my baby) was in need of some help! I was nervous about who to send my car to, but as soon as I spoke to Kyle on the phone I knew I had the right place. Kyle set my mind at ease from the beginning! They handled all of the insurance mess and honestly it didn't take months like some of the big name collision shops take. When I walked in and saw my car i was so happy!! It was better than NEW!! My car was perfect inside and out!! Thank you Kyle and everyone at the shop for an amazing job on my HHR!!! She's beautiful!!!